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33 Sixty Eight

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A: 33SIXTYEIGHT is a microcreamery serving freshly churned handcrafted gelato and specialty sorbettos, produced in limited quantities. We work with simple principles. Serving only yummy, real, tasty gelato and sorbettos, which has a life of its own. We emphasize on the quality, consistency and churning techniques. Hence, we use only the finest quality ingredients available in the market, so we can bring out the most exquisite characteristics of every gelato and sorbetto flavours, we lovingly churned in our kitchen.

We are in long-lasting pursuit of a truly great business that supports our community and producing truly tasty gelato that inspires the tastiest experiences. Sounds like a big goal for a gelato shop? We do not think so.

Bottomline, we love doing what we do, churning gelatos that makes you happy so you will come back for more just before you return home. ‘cause we know, you’ve got good taste.

Q: What is so great about your gelato and sorbettos?

A: Our tasty gelato combines our love, passion, creativity and artisanal flair of everyone involved in making the yummy handcrafted gelato. All our gelatos and sorbettos are scratch-made in our kitchen out from our Tanjong-Rhu gelato microcreamery shop. Our gelato contains below 9% fat and our sorbettos is both diary-free and fat-free, yes, we are pretty health-conscious and proud of it! So which means that you can eat plenty of it without being conscious of the fat content in it. Comparing to traditional ice cream, the fat content ranges from 14% to 26% and it is made of 50% to 80% air. We churned our gelato to only incorporate 30% to 35% of air (we make sure very little air gets whipped into our gelato), which is why every mouthful of our gelato results in a far more flavourful taste and completely satisfying treat. The creaminess comes not from the fat or sugar content, but from expertly balancing every component in our recipes.

Our gelatos are produced with milk and/or nuts which yield very high protein and essential vitamins, essential for a healthy diet and also are a great source of calcium. Even more so in our sorbettos, which contains a high number of vitamins. We churned our gelato with truckloads of love and effort. That is why, every scope plays a huge happy part in our lives, and we want them to be part of yours too!

Q: You are telling us your gelato and sorbettos are scratch-made. What does that means?

A: At 33SIXYEIGHT we understand that an excellent gelato is all about fresh, quality ingredients and with right balancing and consistency. Our gelato experts give great attention to tiny details such as the right balance of ingredients, consistency and run of the gelato, lightness, graininess, and are left in a perfect freezing temperature to ensure that it has no ice crystals or is not too hard.

So instead of buying standard pre-mix base for gelato production, we custom-create every flavour from the scratch, so we know exactly what goes into our gelato and what is being offered to you. The yummy, real, tasty gelato and sorbettos. Humanly, we believe you are what you eat, and technically, we believe every flavour is unique, just like every individual out there. When these comes together, we invested in our adorable and sturdy pasteurizer+batch freezer (we call him Bravo Boy), so we pasteurized and create every flavour in small good quality batches, just for the special you.

Q: What on earth is BUN BUN BOMB?

A: BUN BUN BOMB is gelato sandwich made of what we like to call, the sweet hot and cold desires. This is a very special spoil-me-treat which we are proud to be the very 1st café to bring it into Singapore. Think soft local sweet, butter buns from your local bakery, we scoop up and fill it up generously with our scratch-made gelato of your choice. We then toast, press with heat and seal up the whole bun in our UFO machine, to create BUN BUN BOMB, a hot and cold treat.

Warm on the outside, the amazement experience when you have your first bite, it is like a little cloud of roller-coaster happiness in your mouth where the tasty gelato blasts from the inside…super scrumptious!! Come, taste for yourself.

Q: We heard of microbrewery? Now a microcreamery?

A: Yes. Microcreamery, in our own simple terms; an establishment where milk and cream are prepared or sold in quality amount. Not only that, we want to invite our customers to see where and how our gelatos are made. We take so much pride in our production and if you folks would like to see how it happens, we will be happy to share that.

We offer Tasting Room Workshop, where people come to learn how gelatos are made, taste them and simply have the place to share appreciation of real tasty gelato with your family, friends, neighbours or work friends. That’s not even the end, we go even further with ZOKU® (the wonderful folks who patented the Quick Pop® Maker and Slush & Shake Maker) to conduct gelato making sessions, so you can have the hands-on experience on churning your own gelatos. We always believe that gelatos bring people together and build happy bonds. We help you create that place, or rather very much, we are looking to you to create that place. Come talk to us more and leave the happiness planning to us to make it happen!


P/S: We may seem really serious about our gelato, but we seriously do. Good, real, tasty gelato plays a huge part of our lives because it constantly brings us happiness, and we want to bring it to yours too. ‘cause we know, you’ve got good taste. =)

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Handcrafted Gelato and Soberttos

Ever wonder how our gelatos and sorbettos are made? We are not afraid of sharing, so we drew up really cute illustrations to show you how we scratch-made our gelatos and sorbettos.

  1. Put all ingredients for the gelato/ sorbetto required into the mixing bowl and turbo mix it evenly. In almost all receipes, we need milk and sugar.
  2. That’s our Bravo Boy, the sturdy pasteurizer + batch freezer where fresh batches of gelato/ sorbetto are churned out with good consistency!
  3. Within minutes, the gelato/ sorbetto is ready, we extract it into our metal tubs.
  4. To ensure our fresh gelato/ sorbetto are more structured in form, we place them in our blast freezer. Give them a about 5minutes of blast freezing, so they look presentable to you.
  5. We give our gelato/ sorbetto some touch-up, by making it pretty.
  6. Into our display cabinet, VIOLA! So here, you get to choose the flavours that you fancy! ‘cause you’ve got good taste!


For the reason that we experiment more than 68 times to achieve the type of waffle we like (and we believe it is what you are looking for too); not too soft, not too airy, not too thick, not too crispy. So we gather the best ingredients in the market from the yummiest fresh milk, to high quality vanilla essence, to bake the tasty waffle that pairs so well with our gelatos and sorbettos.

1st to serve, BUN BUN BOMB

It’s a sophicated and yet simple enough concept : yummy gelato stuffed inside a mouthwatering bun. Especially, if you crave for your gelato to go with something warm and hot and cold is what you fancy, you cannot give BUN BUN BOMB a miss! We are 1st to bring you, this familiar must-have in Italy’s Sicily, breakfast menu.

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Join the team!

If you are like us, got good taste, who loves to work with gelato (humans too!), cheery , serious about serving good, real, tasty food happily to everyone, drop us an email, we would love to speak to you more! We are always happy to have more people join us to form our happy team, our big tasty community! Email: info@33sixtyeight.com.sg

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33 Sixty Eight

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Opening Hours:

5:00pm - 10:00pm (Monday)
12Noon - 10:00pm (Tuesday - Sunday)



Block 8, Jalan Batu, #01-07
Singapore 431008



+65 6225 3368


+65 6348 0594

33 Sixty Eight

Getting to 33SIXTYEIGHT

  By MRT

Nearest Train Station : Mountbatten MRT (Exit B)
Walk for 9mins or SBS Bus 12, 14, 30, 158, 196, 401 for 1 stop.

  By BUS

SBS Bus 12, 14, 30, 30e, 158, 196, 401
Alight and walk 4mins.

  By Car

From East Coast Parkway (ECP) :
Take Exit 13 for Fort Road, continue on Fort Road and take Kampong Arang Road to Jalan Batu.

From Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) :
Take Exit 2C for Sims Avenue, towards Sims Way, continue on Sims Way, and take Mountbatten Road to Jalan Batu.

From Pan Island Expressway (PIE) :
Take Exit 13 for Sims Way, towards Sims Ave, continue on Sims Way, and take Mountbatten Road to Jalan Batu.

Parking lots is available at Block 8, 9, 7. More open space carpark is available near the Geylang River facing the McDonald’s Kallang/ KFC/ Long Beach King Seafood (less than 1 minute walk),
Free parking on Sundays and Public Holidays.

You may also post an enquiry with us here.